Safe air must be sustainable

Now and Always

How sustainable is your air?

You care about the environment and safe clean air.
However, air conditioning accounts for 10% of worldwide electricity consumption, driving more air pollution (International Energy Agency). Together we can achieve safe air through sustainable solutions. 

Meo is your partner for ecological transformation

Be part of global Systemic Efficiency.

Smart Indoor Air Quality monitoring and solutions contribute to building smart cities and reducing carbon emissions.

With Meo, you contribute to the UN Sustainable Development goals and the World Economic Forum’s Net Zero Carbon Cities initiative.

Meo is your partner for ecological transformation

Adapt HVAC and air-purification to your needs with real-time analysis and environmentally friendly solutions:

  • Reduce energy wasted with unnecessary ventilation. Adapt it to real-time occupation rate.
  • Change air filters preventively before they start to harm occupants’ health.
  • Visualise the positive impact of your actions and quantify energy savings, health benefits and contribution to sustainability.

Enable Office Wellbeing

  • Tailored, simple and sustainable solutions.
  • Improve ventilation efficiency. 
  • Adopt environmentally friendly cleaning products and furniture.
  • Adapt cleaning schedules for safer space.

Build your ESG and CSR reporting

The data you need.

The platform provides “Real-time data capture within a digitized end-to end system focused on generating insights to guide action” recommended by the United Nations Global Compact.

Meo platform supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goal No-3 Good Health And Well-Being

Promote safe and clean air, together with safe working environments

UN Sustainable Development Goal No.4 Quality Education

Improve cognition with timely ventilation

UN Sustainable Development Goal No-7 Affordable And Clean Energy

Reduce inefficient energy consumption on cleaning air

UN Sustainable Development Goal No.8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Increase productivity and wellness

UN Sustainable Development Goal No-9 Industry Innovation And Infrastructure

Sustainable businesses and buildings

UN Sustainable Development Goal No-11 Sustainable Cities And Communities

Promote safety of our buildings

UN Sustainable Development Goal No-12 Responsible Consumption And Production

Encourage sustainable consumption of air conditioners and purifiers

UN Sustainable Development Goal No-13 Climate Action

Action to combat climate change