Energy efficiency & human performance thanks to air management

Energy efficiency & human performance
thanks to air management

See the impact of your actions

Shrink energy bills

by adjusting temperature to room occupancy

Reduce virus risk

by adjusting ventilation to the number of people

from RESET Viral Index

Increase performance and cognitive abilities

with simple and sustainable remediation

from Harvard Research

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Ready. Set. Monitor.
all in less than 2 minutes

meo mini has the most simple setup on the market

Less than 2 minutes to activate with the QR code, and see data in meo’s app. More than 10 years for monitor lifetime, cellular data and app access.


meo maxi is your premium air quality monitor

As small and simple as meo mini, but packing more sensors.
Analyzing and providing sustainable remediation advice.


Easier, Cheaper, Better
meo minicompeting
CO2 monitor
meo maxi competing
advanced monitor
299€> 300€449€> 500€
Network already configured (no Wi-Fi, no LoRa)
No data loss (no LoRa)
Included data plan can exceed 10 years
Anti-theft wall mountextraextra
Anti-theft USB-C locking connector receptacle
USB powered
Battery powered, lasting several months on each charge
Environmental parameters
CO2 with NDIR technology
Temperature, Humidity
PM1, PM2.5, PM10 with laser technology
Monitors features
AQI light on monitor, visible 5 meters away, sideways
Eco friendly with power saving management
Ultra safe for users with low radio emission
Remote recalibration
New features with automatic remote update
Swiss sensors inside
Made in France
App features
Unlimited users
Remote alert by email
Customizable alert thresholds
Energy savings dashboard
Health impact (virus and cognition) dashboards
Data download

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