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School’s Indoor Air Quality

Air quality in schools is important for children, staff and teachers to be safe and active. Air analytics are important to keep monitoring.

Trying to sleep but you cannot?

Bad air quality affects your sleep. It is a good idea to monitor your bedroom air quality. Air analytics can be of great help.

Air quality in health centres and hospitals

TIPS for beautiful hair in times of bad pollution

Take care of your hair during high air pollution days. Believe it or not, your hair breathes. Eat well and have a healthy hair routine.

Air Quality Monitoring: Food Industry

Air monitoring in food industries can help keep track of employee health hazards at work and to make sure food produced is safe.

We consume, ergo we pollute!

So much is said about the appalling air pollution in China, how its citizens suffer and how only the rich can take adequate protective measures. […]

…And now breast cancer?

There has been an intense debate over the possible link between breast cancer and air pollution. FIGO- the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics highlighted […]

Key steps to ensure office safety

Be air safe in your business Around the world the pandemic has taken many forms. Some are working from home while others have to work […]

Meo air analytics for Smart Buildings and Smart Cities

When legal action meets air quality

Is legal action the way to push for better air quality? Some examples around the world have shown it is actually possible.

Thoughts for clean air on in our offices

Sources: EPA – Introduction to Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air (Official journal of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate) – Communicating the health effects of indoor exposure […]

Crazy for a cruise holiday? Let’s talk air quality

A cruise is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations. The Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska, northern Europe and some areas in Asia have the largest array […]

Architecture and Air Pollution

Architecture can have a positive impact to reduce air pollution. The key is air analytics.

Economic growth vs. Environmental policies?

A thought provoking discussion: environmental policy vs. economic growth.

Better Air Quality is the Smart City Challenge

A smart city should include air analytics all over.

Crop Burning and Air Pollution

Wildfires and crop burning raises PM2.5 concentrations and other pollutants even in areas hundreds and thousands of miles away.

Checking air quality where it really matters!

A trial at a Hong Kong gym, showed how important it is to use air analytics and reassure your customers that they can exercise in clean air.

Meo air analytics Available NOW in Hong Kong, Singapore and France!

Great success at CES Asia 2017!

We’ll be at CESAsia2017!

Asia’s latest eclectic response to carbon emissions

Asia is at a crossroads between economic development and environmental protection on many fronts. Today we would like to highlight the two extreme positions that […]

Air’volution: cities improving air quality!

Air’volution, a bold commitment by city Mayor’s to act to reduce air pollution in cities. Which are by far the greatest producers of CO2.


Air Quality Policy in HK

The source of air pollution in Hong Kong and the actions taken by the HK Government. There is still room to grow!

TIPS: How To Protect Your Skin From Polluted Air

Air pollution affects our skin and its ability to be the barrier that keeps organisms and detrimental chemicals out of our body.

Have you heard the news on COP22 in Marrakech?

Climate change reaches extraordinary momentum at COP22 in Marrakesh. Governments, cities, businesses and investors commit to climate action.

Meo’s Great News to Share!

Meo’s air quality solution is the first of its kind to be patented. Also receiving a CityTech Award from CityTech and the Internet Society.