“Safe-air” space enabled by localised advice

meo “Demand Response Ventilation” is backed by the most powerful air quality pattern recognition engine.

Air Intelligence Delivery

With meo,
you are covered even after everyone goes home.
• 24/7 continuous monitoring
Insights shared with people who care

You get alerts, auto-remediation with HVAC or just advice messages.
Our air intelligence tools are easy to integrate to cater your needs.

Solutions for selected market segment

Green Building Certification
Gain points under your preferred certification scheme
Per-floor monitoring & alerts for energy efficiency and BMS remediation

Duty of Care
Give parents and patients the peace of mind they require
Ideal for schools, hospitals and public institutions

Problem Solving
Diagnose and fix the cause of employee complaints
Short-term root cause investigation 24/7 monitoring program

meo already deployed

Protecting employees against COVID-19

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsetting situation upon our community and its businesses. Contamination risks can be reduced by limiting virus propagation. Meo helps corporations to pinpoint areas at risk due to low ventilation, and quickly remediate through existing HVAC.