Tic Toc …

Tic Toc … It’s not a typo when referring to the “Tik Tok” app. It’s the French way to name the clock ticking, and time passing.

After 14 years in Hong Kong, it’s time for me and my family to move back to France. 

Hong Kong is ✨magic!

We need to keep in mind that living in Hong Kong is a privilege. Hong Kong fosters successes (6 Ss) with:

  • Safety: wherever you go, you feel safe. Even at 2am, in a dark alley
  • Sunlight: 360 days out of 365, you get a massive sunlight bath, boosting your mood
  • Sanity: your nanny is taking care of your kids and your home
  • Spectacular: white sand beaches, and scenic hikes are less than 30 min away
  • Service: your network/utility service provider comes to your place when needed
  • Shopping: most of shops (grocery as well as luxury) are opened 7 days a week

Hong Kong is making our life so easy, we don’t want our ?kids to feel this is standard around the world. Because it simply isn’t the world standard. They need to feel how the real world feels like and get to appreciate it.

Supporting new ?ventures

Hong Kong was a great place for me to transition from my trading roles at Société Générale to my personal quest for cleaner air that morphed into meo. I got back to my electronic studies and soldering iron to design the 1st hardware with its embarked software. I worked with Pierre, CTO, who designed the cloud software side, with security, privacy and scalability in mind. From working in a corner of my bedroom to different offices in Sheung Wan, then in Soho. 

Last September, we were selected by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park #HKSTP at the heart of the Greater Bay Area. So we moved our office to the ?“Material and Precision Engineering” cluster.

Hong Kong office will keep the responsibility of:

  • Asian business development 
  • Monitors design
  • Asian manufacturing

Meo Asian business will be supervised by Michael Horman, former Partner at Baker McKenzie. Michael has been involved in meo daily activities for the last 3 years. Michael will oversee meo business development in Asia, with the support of the current local team.

Expanding to Europe

Demand for cleaner air is increasing. This is a direct effect of ?Covid making the air we breathe a major focus.

Meo decided to #ChooseFrance for its Paris office, and answer the regional demand:

  • European business development
  • Artificial Intelligence for advice 
  • French manufacturing

Safe air in ?schools!

How to reduce the covid risk in schools and office space?
We are launching “mini-meo” to answer this, with simple installation:

  • using meo technology, qualified by the biggest European metrology lab #AirParif
  • equipped with a 4G ?sim card: no network configuration required
  • showing beautiful dashboards and sending alerts

Hong Kong – Paris – Washington

Michael (michael@meo.life) is based in Hong Kong.
I (saketaram@meo.life) will be based near Paris.
Maria (maria@meo.life) is based in Washington. She handles the communication globally.

Do not hesitate to contact us about air quality in your school, office or retail space.

Contact: hello@meo.life

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