meo plus

Safe Air for Business

Take out the guesswork

What worries you?

Employee sickness and complaints

Address problems as they arise with pollution notifications and recommendations.

Falling employee performance

Reduce pollution and immediately see improvements in productivity and absenteeism, up to 10%.

Promoting sustainability and wellness

Track air quality in your space and communicate to your staff through a visual display and individualized platform access.

Optimising your energy usage

Smarten your HVAC with proprietary ventilation flow monitoring designed to reduce energy usage.

Air Software as a Service (ASaaS)

Available on Schneider Electric Exchange


Squeeze millions of data points into actionable information. Know which simple remediation will solve your localised issues.


Automate your ventilation system based on space occupancy. Smarten your Building Management System with your rules.


See the most meaningful information that matters to you, in the dashboard of your choice. Get direct access to Insights and Optimiz’ information.


Use the most secure and easy to place monitors, throughout floors and buildings, that natively communicate with all Meo modules.


Analytics Plus
US$ 19 / month / monitor
For experienced air quality data users
US$ 29 / month / monitor
When starting out to create a safe air environment
US$ 39 / month / monitor
Ideal for all your air quality needs
Monitorswith Meo monitors (+US$ 25 / month / monitor) or your own monitors
Dashboards users5UnlimitedUnlimited
API access
WELL, LEED Certification
Support Response Time1 week24 hours24 hours
Awareness Talks1 / year / premise2 / year / premise
Virus Safety Assessment
Wellness & ESG Report

Already deployed worldwide in Offices and Retail Spaces

For industrial facilities in France we partner with Reeniu