meo plus Support

Installed by authorized meo plus partners only
(subject to terms and conditions)
Paris • Hong Kong • Singapore • Seoul • Sydney

Your meo plus node works right out of its package
. Do not cover the ventilation (on any of the 4 lateral sides of the node).
. Mainly for indoor use. When used outdoor, meo plus node shall be protected dripping or splashing.
. No user replaceable parts inside, refer servicing to manufacturer specified agency or qualified service personnel. meo nodes do not contain any batteries.
. Disposal: All meo nodes are meo’s property. They should be returned to meo or meo dealer, once subscription lapses and is not renewed.

Unbox your meo plus node

Two accessories included: Power adapter & USB cable
● Connect your meo plus node to a power socket (using provided power adapter and USB cable).
● There is no rechargeable battery on this meo plus node.
● meo plus node will show up lights.
● There are 6 lights, vertically placed, below meo logo
● The very bottom light is also used for technical status
● After max 3 minutes, even without Bluetooth, nor Wi-Fi connectivity, your node will show you the air quality (PM2.5 US EPA AQI) through those 6 lights: Connecting your node to Wi-Fi  will allow you to visualize all history of measurements (see the next tabs)

Air quality is shown through lights (based on US EPA standards) from the bottom light to the top light:


Technical status are provided through blinking the most bottom light:

Blinking BLUE: Ready for Bluetooth connection
Blinking GREEN: Wi-Fi connection is successful
Blinking PINK: Wi-Fi connection in progress
Blinking RED: Wi-Fi connection unsuccessful. Please check credentials entered

Each meo plus needs to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi setup is done with a smartphone connecting to meo plus, via Bluetooth, for this setup only. Then, Bluetooth connection is no more required.

You need:
1. meo plus node(s)
2. a stable & strong 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection (stronger than -70 dB)
3. meo plus iOS app for iPhone or iPad, or search “meo plus”on the App Store

Note 1: Do not use the graph shown on the iOS app since it only shows a limited history. The full history is available on
Note 2: You should have already received
your login and password of from meo support. Do NOT use organisation creation: it is not designed for meo plus as your meo support has the tools to perform that.
Let’s start:
Step 1 | Plug in one of your meo plus nodes to the power socket with provided USB cable and power adapter. Wait for 30 seconds after meo plus connection to power, for Bluetooth initialisation

Step 2Launch meo plus iOS app, and allow meo Plus to use your location

Step 3 | Click on “Sign Up” if you have not used this iOS app before (otherwise it will auto-log to your meo iOS app account)

Step 4 | Enter any email and password and then click on “Sign Up”

Note: the credentials here are only used in this iOS app for Wi-Fi configuration. They are independent from the credentials on meo dashboards (

Step 5 | Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone/iPad by sliding up from the bottom of the screen and selecting Bluetooth, if it is not already ON.

Step 6 | Click on “Menu” icon (hamburger icon on bottom-left)

Step 7 | Click on the “Arrow down”, next to your meo account

Step 8 | Click on “Connect to a Meo Plus

You will see “meo node – xxxxxxxxxx

Write down the first 6 characters of this meo plus node. It will be useful to differentiate the nodes, when many are online.

Step 9 | Click on that node, to select it

Step 10 | When “Bluetooth Pairing Request” pop-up appears, input the password “123456” and click “Pair”, and wait for few seconds

Step 11 | After up to 30 seconds, “Wi-Fi name & Password” pop-up appears: input the Wi-Fi SSID & Password and click “Send”. Wait for up to 30 seconds

Step 12 | When the successful connection pop-up appears, click “OK

Note: If your node couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi (typo on SSID or Password, MAC address whitelist issue …) you will be asked to “retry”

Step 13 | Switch off Bluetooth on your iPhone/iPad or alternatively unplug and replug the meo plus

Step 14 | Go to to see data in 3 to 5 minutes (excluding tVOC which can take up to 15 minutes to appear)

Your meo plus node is now ready!
Repeat from Step 1 to Step 13 for each new node to install
Note: please close the iOS app and relaunch it to configure the next node.
Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at