Happy New Year 2022

As 2022 starts, I would like to wish you a fantastic new year. I am very optimistic for the future, after those 2 bumpy years.

Covid crisis is affecting everybody. It is reshaping all of our ways of living. Supply chain is under pressure and logistics is quite rough: travels are subject to inbound/outbound countries regulations with sudden outbreaks, when goods have delays because of container shortage causing increased cost. The idea of potentially getting anything you want, quickly, cheaply, doesn’t factor in all the pressure on our planet’s resources.

The anti-waste law in France is one example of the action taken by the French government to tackle one the ever-growing issue of single use plastic. More initiatives and laws are coming in favor of carbon neutrality, which will positively affect our childrens’ future.

We build this future now, with all our decisions and achievements.

In this regard, meo team has achieved key milestones in 2021:

  • Growth of our customer base: schools and Fortune 500 companies including the 3 global luxury groups
  • Highest score of 4.5/5 for our technology by AirParif ISO 17025 lab, during 3 consecutive years: link

  • The new meo-cloud setup based on FROST-Server, compliant to OGC SensorThings, recommended by the INSPIRE european standard
  • Our latest product meo mini most advanced CO2 monitor on the market, to fight Covid risk in schools and offices. Thanks to its LTE-M cellular connectivity with onboard provided sim for selected regions. 
  • Provided dashboards and alerts tell when, and how long ventilation of each surveyed space is needed. Then it’s easy to communicate on any screen size about safe spaces provided to occupants.

  • Far beyond a simple monitor, meo mini contributes to the  “Digital Twin” for better building management
  • French entity meo air analytics was created early 2021 to cater to French and European needs, which manufactures meo mini in France.

As there is a lot of buzz about air quality monitors, as it’s an easy way to limit viral propagation*, Covid included. There are 2 ways of looking at it, once you have CO2 monitors. Which one would be yours?

Communicate on the number of purchased monitors

> Have low expectation with short-lasting CO2 monitor

Communicate on air quality improvement for occupants?  

>  Go for meo mini: full history and analysis available on any browser

Do you need to communicate how safe your spaces are? Let’s make it a reality, and move forward.

* Measuring CO2 is a key tool in managing ventilation level relative to the people in a room.