Roger: Hi Suzana, I heard that you are working on air-pollution-related projects. Suzana: Hi Roger, yes. Got some issues with air pollution?

#2 Buying an air monitor for less than € 100 online.

#1 Reduce Covid Risk, With Safer Air

Happy New Year 2022

As 2022 starts, I would like to wish you a fantastic new year. I am very optimistic for the future, after those 2 bumpy years. […]

Safe Air in Schools

Meo mini ensures air safety in the premises, with alerts as soon as problems arise, and dedicated advice to remediate.

Tic Toc …

Tic Toc … It’s not a typo when referring to the “Tik Tok” app. It’s the French way to name the clock ticking, and time […]

More than a monitor, an air quality safety system

Meo air analytics newest monitor “mini-meo” ensures air safety in the premises, with alerts and dedicated advice on air quality.

Subways: Concerning Air Quality, but Solutions are Available

As many go back to office work and commute, air quality in subways comes to the fore of our concerns. But solutions are available.

Simple Measures Can go a Long Way in School Air Quality

Air quality in schools can be achieved combining simple measures to reduce air concentration and increasing dilution of pathogens or pollutants.

Unexpected Air Quality During this Pandemic

Air quality during the year 2020 was not a straightforward situation, many complexities were uncovered and can help improve regulations.

Breathe better, increase your productivity!

A close link between air quality and productivity are the basis for green buildings and better indoor air management.

The Air We Breathe and Its Secret Path To The Brain

The air we breathe has a direct path to our brain through our olfactory system, and may cause irreparable damage.

VitaminB-helps-the body-from-air-pollution-meoairanalytics

Healthy TIPS: With a little help from Vitamin B

In a previous blog-post we talked about protecting our health from within and stressed the need to consume vitamin C, E, Beta-carotene and Omega3 which […]

School’s Indoor Air Quality

Air quality in schools is important for children, staff and teachers to be safe and active. Air analytics are important to keep monitoring.

Is Air Pollution Changing our Gut Microbiota?

Being careful about what we eat and drink can take us a long way in protecting our gut microbiota from air pollution.

Trying to sleep but you cannot?

Bad air quality affects your sleep. It is a good idea to monitor your bedroom air quality. Air analytics can be of great help.

ASTHMATIC? Air pollution might be making it worse

Air pollution is a trigger for asthma attacks. Its important to know the facts and how to avoid this trigger.

Let’s help our body fight pollution: 4 nutrients not to miss!

Worried about air pollution? Wondering what else could be done? Today’s tip is on optimal nutrition to help your body fight air pollution. Research has […]

Air quality in health centres and hospitals

TIPS for beautiful hair in times of bad pollution

Take care of your hair during high air pollution days. Believe it or not, your hair breathes. Eat well and have a healthy hair routine.

Air Quality Monitoring: Food Industry

Air monitoring in food industries can help keep track of employee health hazards at work and to make sure food produced is safe.

Am I Exposed to Air Pollution?

Air pollution figures do not fully represent your personal air quality exposure. Know the differences and understand your personal exposure.

Fred: Bonjour Géraldine, Comment vas-tu ? Il parait que tu travailles sur la pollution de l’air ? Géraldine: Bonjour Fred, oui. Aurais-tu des soucis sur le sujet ?

#2 Acheter un moniteur d’air à moins de € 100 sur internet.

#1 Réduire le risque covid, avec un air sain

Une excellente année 2022 en perspective

En ce début d’année, je vous souhaite une excellente année 2022. Je suis très optimiste pour le futur, après ces 2 dernières années mouvementées que […]

Great success at CES Asia 2017!

We’ll be at CESAsia2017!

Asia’s latest eclectic response to carbon emissions

Asia is at a crossroads between economic development and environmental protection on many fronts. Today we would like to highlight the two extreme positions that […]

Air’volution: cities improving air quality!

Air’volution, a bold commitment by city Mayor’s to act to reduce air pollution in cities. Which are by far the greatest producers of CO2.

Air Quality Policy in HK

The source of air pollution in Hong Kong and the actions taken by the HK Government. There is still room to grow!

TIPS: How To Protect Your Skin From Polluted Air

Air pollution affects our skin and its ability to be the barrier that keeps organisms and detrimental chemicals out of our body.

Have you heard the news on COP22 in Marrakech?

Climate change reaches extraordinary momentum at COP22 in Marrakesh. Governments, cities, businesses and investors commit to climate action.

Meo’s Great News to Share!

Meo’s air quality solution is the first of its kind to be patented. Also receiving a CityTech Award from CityTech and the Internet Society.

Air Pollution Effects Beyond Health

Air pollution has concerning economic consequences for families and for countries. This should be considered to boost climate action.