More than a monitor, an air quality safety system

As life is adapting to a new “normal”, schools need to stay open to allow children to build their own identity through learning and social interactions.

Parents, teachers and students will go through tremendous anxiety thinking about the airborne risks that may await them in school. In order to reduce Covid risk in classrooms and any indoor places, it is necessary to check they are not underventilated.

Showing how fast issues were solved…

Meo air analytics newest monitor “mini-meo” will be available from September 2021. It ensures air safety in the premises, with alerts as soon as problems arise, and dedicated advice to remediate. You can then communicate and reassure staff, students and parents on air quality for any time since the installation of the monitors.

“Mini-Meo” is specially designed with dashboards to objectively reduce Covid-related risk:

  • Get alerts as soon as air quality presents a health risk
  • Ventilate and see your action give immediate results
  • Access historic data to understand periodic patterns
  • Reassure stakeholders on the air safety of the premises

How to reduce Covid risk?

Covid risk is higher in indoor places where the air is not enough renewed. [link to research]

Virus risk can be reduced with proper ventilation levels. They can be monitored through dedicated KPIs (Key performance Indicators) to adjust BMS (Building Management System) rules to ensure air circulation and appropriate ventilation.

It is easy to install, cyber-secure and the purchase of the monitor includes a 3 year data plan (sim card with data included) with wide access to air analytics!