meo mini features

meo mini features

> Safe Air for Schools
> Protect Students and Teachers
> meo mini
> your advanced CO2 monitor


● Modify standard LED colors

● Change thresholds of LED colors

● Customise threshold for the Alerts by emails

Color for Slightly Unhealthy
Color for Moderate
Color for Safe
Maximum for Slightly Unhealthy
Maximum for Moderate
Maximum for Safe
Color for Unhealthy


● Health Impact based on time exposure to pollutants

● Covid risk evaluation, based on CO2 levels over time

● Advice dedicated for each area’s pollution patterns

● Health Impact: time exposure to pollutants

● Covid risk: safety score of Covid

● Advice: personalised for each area

Energy savings

● Adjustable cloud synchronisation frequency

● Choice of measurements frequency

● Choice of monitor settings synchronisation frequency


● Quick configuration with QR code

● Wall mount for lower space footprint

● Automatic network configuration without user intervention

● Additional power choice of standard batteries

Cyber security

● Independent from customer’s network: using its dedicated 4G LTE-M / NB-IoT cellular network

● Encryption: end-to-end communiations under TLS 1.2

● Highest security with the Nordic’s CryptoCell integrated security chip


● More than 10 years sensors lifetime by Sensirion SCD41

● Replacement of monitors with graph continuity

● No maintenance when used under normal conditions


Parameter SensorRangeAccuracy
CO2SCD41400 to 5000 ppm+/- (40 ppm +/- 5 % of reading)
TemperatureSHT40-40 to 120 °C+/- 0.2 °C
HumiditySHT400 to 100 %+/- 1.8 %

● LTE-M / NB-IoT cellular network according to region availability

● Multi frequency bands antenna covering B3, B5 and B8 bands

Enterprise options

● Support & Consulting

● Push to customer’s server or cloud service

ESG data available for local use and for consolidation

● Customized dashboards and branding

● Connection to Building Management System (BMS) for ventilation optimisation (AHU)

● REST API from OGC SensorThings compliant to the European Commission’s INSPIRE standards