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Air pollution


Children and Air Quality in Asia

In October 2016, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) published the report “Clear the Air for Children” exposing the magnitude of the danger that air pollution poses for children.The report shows that, in Asia alone, 300…

By Maria Restrepo

25 January 2017

Crop Burning and Air Pollution

From the haze suffered by Singapore every year to the increasing air pollution in rural Asia and Africa and the recent spike of pollution in New Delhi, crop burning is the main culprit in the…

By Maria Restrepo

17 January 2017

Air Pollution and Diabetes

The International Diabetes Federation says diabetes mellitus (common diabetes) affects around 400 million people across the world. Research in the past 10 years has shown that environmental irritants in the air and water play a…

By Maria Restrepo

13 December 2016

Have you heard the news on COP22 in Marrakech?

It seems like it was only yesterday that climate change and pollution concerns got momentum and grabbed the attention of governments and citizens during the COP21 in Paris - the yearly meeting (Conference of Parties)…

By Maria Restrepo

06 December 2016