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Air pollution


Checking air quality where it really matters!

We, at meo, are constantly checking air quality in different places. This article will take us to Hong-Kong, Hollywood road the heart of the bustling city, end of November 2017. We installed one of our…

By Maria Restrepo

30 November 2017

School's Indoor Air Quality

How often do we think about the air quality in our children’s school, where they spend almost a third of their day? In cities with poor outdoor air quality, schools usually limit outdoor physical education…

By Maria Restrepo

12 September 2017

Architecture and Air Pollution

China started recently the construction of Liuzhou Forest City, which is expected to be a satellite neighborhood completed by 2020 connected to the main city by rail. It is a wild reminder of the importance…

By Maria Restrepo

03 August 2017

[05 July 2017]

Sleep is not the first thought we have when thinking about the effects of air pollution. A study conducted by Dr. Martha E. Billings, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Washington was presented…

By Maria Restrepo

05 July 2017