We are moved by a common interest in the air we breathe
and in the environment in which we raise our children

Gathering skills from different cities, we designed
the Air Quality Improvement Platform
for Businesses and Governments

Assess . Engage . Improve


Saketaram Soussilane

Founder, CEO & CTO
French-Indian, in Hong-Kong
 Sakétaram has 15+ years experience in banking and trading and is passionate about daily behaviors to bring well-being. He is an Electrical Engineer specialized in robotics and signal processing, the latter taking stimuli from the outside world and converting it into signals usable by machines. He focuses on bringing technical solutions to reduce energy waste, as a start. Sakétaram is based in Hong Kong, with his family.

 Lyndon Wheeler

Co-founder, COO
New-Zealander, in Singapore
 Lyndon has 10+ years experience in structured finance and has lived in Asia with his family for the last 9+ years, in both Hong Kong and Singapore – both countries which suffer from the effects of air pollution. Lyndon is a keen indoor and outdoor sports enthusiast having hiked most of Hong Kong’s trails. He's from New Zealand, and is a Hong Kong permanent resident. Lyndon currently lives in Singapore.


Maria L. Restrepo

Co-Founder, CCO
Colombian, in Uruguay
 Maria has 10+ years experience in public health campaigns and health communication management. Her passion is to bring health considerations to the forefront of personal and business thinking. She is particularly interested in the environment, climate change, as well as pollution in air. Maria has lived more than 9+ years in Asia, in both New Delhi, India, and Hong- Kong with her family.



 Michael Horman

Australian, in Hong-Kong
Michael has been a corporate lawyer for over 15 years, most recently as an M&A corporate partner with Baker McKenzie in Hong Kong. He has extensive experience advising on investments and business transactions across Asia, Europe and Australia.



Chinese, in Hong-Kong
 Sean has 8+ years of experience in the banking industry in both London and Hong Kong, with regular visits to China. He is particularly interested in helping the community to live better. Sean is Chinese, and lives with his wife and 2 kids in Hong Kong.


Advisor, Technical Architecture
French, in Japan
Pierre has 10+ years experience in Java development. He is passionate about IoT (Internet of Things) and the major transformation it is bringing to our daily lives, with attention to privacy and security in all designs. Currently in Japan, he has lived in Asia for 8+ years

 Philippe Nigro

French, in France
Philippe has 15+ years experience in design and has recently been awarded ‘Designer of the Year, 2014’ at Now-Maison & Objet. He has been working for Hermes, as well as other luxury brands worldwide.