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July 2016

blue by meo NEWS

blue by meo NEWSHere we are, only two months after we unveiled blue at the CES Asia in Shanghai and we have reached even more milestones on our path! We are very excited to share that…

By Maria Restrepo

19 July 2016

Strokes and What We Breathe

When we think about the health effects of air pollution, our immediate thought goes to our lungs. But the silent threat of poor air quality reaches many unexpected areas of our body. In the past…

By Maria Restrepo

12 July 2016

Summer and the quality of our air

If you live in a big city, you are probably concerned about all those foggy days, that hazy view, that funny smell, or even that sore throat here and headache there…all common facts that remind…

By Maria Restrepo

05 July 2016